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Easter Island / Rapa Nui
The principal reason why people come to Easter Island is to see some of the 887 mystic Moai Statues that are dotted around the Island in various degrees of preservation.
Unique to Easter Island, the Moai is a stone-sculptured, human-form statue, showing a face with big eyes, a long nose, a closed mouth with thin lips and large ears on a relatively large head (sometimes topped off with a red-stone hat), on a block-carved body, ranging between ten to twenty feet in height. There are many areas around the Island where Moai Statues are positioned in rows on ceremonial, stone-covered, earthen platforms, mostly facing inward from the sea.
Easter Island is a place for “thinking people”, or “educated people” who appreciate the mystery of ancient cultures and who like to get away from it all and relax on a remote Island in a secluded environment, well away from the constant noise, pollution, crowds and manic pace of modern-day living.
The Island itself is not a Pacific “tropical paradise” such as Tahiti or Hawaii, but it does have one, white-sand beach (Anakena) offering superb swimming in the Pacific and soft sands to lie upon.
Other activities offered are scuba diving, horse riding, hiking, cycling, visits to all the cultural sights and sea fishing (if you meet the right person). In the evening there are impressively powerful and sexually-suggestive Indonesian cultural dancing shows offering a first-hand view into the male-female courtship ritual and power hierarchy among the men.
It does not offer fancy cocktail bars, restaurants, luxury villas, paragliding, motor boat rides, boutique shopping and the like.  It is distinctly “undeveloped” in that sense, which is a positive in many respects. What it offers is an opportunity to “stop”, appreciate a completely different pace of life, learn about a fascinating culture and see the now extinct volcanoes and how they merged to create this tiny dot of land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
The main town on Easter Island, which in reality is a village, is called Hanga Roa. It is a very small conurbation with a population of around 4,000 inhabitants, offering few modern facilities such a bank and one or two ATM’s and only two or three “rustic” style restaurants, a village green (or plaza), some grocery stores and a handful of clothes stores.
Ideally a three or four night stay is recommended. We suggest, if you have the budget, to enjoy the all-inclusive package offered by our partner the Explora Hotel, where we will offer you, in any 5-star level (or closest to) hotel in Chile or Argentina a room for two people free of charge (to a value of USD250 for the room, for the night) for a reservation you make with us. Alternatively we can make reservations at any of the hotels on the island, organize tours and car rental too
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