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Experiencechile.Org Offer
For reservations at the Explora Hotel we will include, free of charge, a room for two people at a 5-star-level hotel (or nearest to) in Chile or Argentina to a value of USD250 for the room, per night. This offer is in addition to any offer that Explora may also be making.
All-Inclusive Easter Island
We work with most of the hotels on the Island including the top two and both of these offer top-of-the-range all-inclusive packages that include:
  • Being met at arrival and taken to your hotel
  • All meals
  • Accommodation
  • All tours with bilingual guides
  • Use of hotel facilities and return transfer back to the airport upon departure
Out of the two all-inclusive options, the Explora Hotel is much more of a “select” product and the other, Hanga Roa Hotel is a much larger property and caters for larger numbers of guests.
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